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AURORA MP300 PLUS Stylish 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Available in 5 colors
  SKU/EAN 4000034
  Size 12.25 x 9 x 3
  Price $99.99
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Enjoy exceptional sound quality from your laptop, PC or MP3 player with Edifier's Aurora MP300 PLUS portable 2.1 speaker system. Winner of a 2009 Red Dot Design Award, the Aurora MP300 PLUS features an elongated,  brushed-aluminum 15-watt subwoofer for extended bass response along with two full-range, 3.5 watt satellite speakers. Volume control buttons on top of one of the satellites offer convenience, while patented EIDC (Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control) technology clarifies the sound and eliminates distortion.

Download Technical Review  (PDF) 

What is patented EIDC Technology? (PDF) 

Download the Manual (PDF)


  • 2.1 Portable audio system ideal for notebook, PC MP3 and all digital media
  • Ported and brushed-aluminum 15W subwoofer for extended bass response
  • Sophisticated design and magnetically-shielded full range spherical satellites with metal weave speaker grill
  • User friendly satellite mounted volume and mute control for easy operation
  • Universal Power supply  (100-240V)
  • Patented EIDC (Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control) technology which uses a single microprocessor to collect and calculate the distortion level of the output signal.  Additionally, it automatically adjusts the amplifier to protect the system from output overload, allowing for different input sources with varying input levels.  Sound is clear, detailed and without any strain or distortion.


  • Power Output:               L/R: RMS 3.5W x 2  SW:  RMS 15W
  • Frequency response:  R/L: 230Hz-20KHz / SW: 45Hz-200Hz
  • Signal to noise ratio:    ≥ 85dBA/
  • Input sensitivity:            Intelligent Sensitivity Adjustment (E.I.D.C)
  • Input port:                      3.5mm stereo line-in
  • Bass unit:                      2” woofer, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Tweeters:                       2 x 1.5”, magnetically shielded, 4Ω
  • Input voltage:                DC 12V (positive inside / negative outside)