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Stylish 2.1 speaker system for PC and laptop use


High Performance 2.0
Speaker System

Unique 2.0 Tri-Amped Audio Speaker System
Remarkably designed docking system for iPhone / iPod with FM radio

USB portable micro speaker system Now with Rechargeable Battery and enhanced sound quality!

Fully portable MP3 player with rechargeable battery
Portable iPod / iPhone speaker system with built-in battery & FM radio
Complete home audio featuring Bluetooth; dock; SD/USB; digital clock & more
Audio docking for your iPod & iPhone, plus AUX input.  Enhanced sound!
Bluetooth and FM radio speaker system with Alarm function
Alarm clock docking station with FM radio and Apple iPod and iPhone input
Alarm clock speaker system with SD/ USB/ AUX and FM Radio input
The Popular 2.1 system updated with Bluetooth connectivity