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TICK TOCK Dock (Available in 3 colors)
TICK TOCK Dock (Available in 3 colors)
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Dock and set your alarm on your iPod/iPhone for a great start to your day with the retro-styled Tick Tock Dock alarm clock by Edifier. The front firing speaker and two 360° degree omni-directional tweeters allow for multi-directional rich sound that can be controlled with ease using the navigation, input selection and volume control buttons located on the top of the clock. A pivoting iPod/iPhone dock allows users to hide the dock and use the clock with other media devices easily connected by the auxiliary input or listen to the FM radio. When ready to dock or charge your iPod/iPhone simply pivot the dock to the front of the clock and enjoy your favorite playlist tunes.


  • Pivoting Apple iPod/iPhone dock

  • Front firing speaker driver

  • Omni-directional tweeters

  • LED display screen for FM/AUX/Time display

  • Auxiliary 3.5mm input jack for additional audio connectivity

  • FM radio function

  • Volume, track change, FM adjustment, Input selection buttons


Total power output:           RMS 3.5W x 2

Input Voltage:                   10V

Audio Input Type:              iPod/iPhone dock /FM/3.5mm auxiliary input jack

Color Options:                   Black, 60’s White, White, Pink