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LUNA 5 ENCORE™ iF500™ Home Audio Dock System with FM Radio
LUNA 5 ENCORE™ iF500™ Home Audio Dock System with FM Radio
  SKU/EAN 4009754
  Size 17.75 x 17 x 11.5
  Price $299.99
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This award winning speaker system combines smooth curves and a sleek finish in an avant-garde design.  The iPod and iPhone compatible docking station includes FM radio as well as an auxiliary input for other audio sources.  With audio quality to match the design, Luna5 Encore™ incorporates a unique floating iPod / iPhone dock, vibration and resonance control to remove the possibilities of feedback or vibrations, for audio output with unmatched quality.   (Dock is NOT compatible with iPhone 5)



  • iPod/iPhone docking station
  • Auxiliary 3.5mm input for MP3 player connectivity

  • Digital FM radio feature
  • Floating docking station to reduce interference and vibrations
  • 6 touch sensitive buttons with motion-triggered backlights
  • Low frequency porting and tuned mid-range cavities
  • Magnetically shielded speaker drivers
  • Docking adaptors to custom fit all iPod/iPhone players
  • Universal Power supply  (100-240V)
  • Patented EIDC® (Edifier Intelligent Distortion Control) technology which uses a single microprocessor to collect and calculate the distortion level of the output signal.  Additionally, it automatically adjusts the amplifier to protect the system from output overload, allowing for different input sources with varying input levels.  Sound is clear,detailed and without any strain or distortion.



  • Total power output:                 RMS 10W x 2 + 32W x 1
  • THD + N (testing level):         10%
  • Signal to noise ratio:              ≥85dBA
  • Distortion:                                 ≤0.5%
  • Input sensitivity:                       AUX: Satellites: 150mV ± 50mV | Subwoofer: 100mV ± 50mV /
  • Satellites:                                 150mV ± 50mV
  • Subwoofer:                               100mV ± 50mV
  • Audio Input Type:                     AUX, iPod/iPhone, FM
  • Adjustment:                              Power, volume, FM, Input
  • Subwoofer / bass unit:           5¾ inch, Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
  • Midrange / high unit:               2¾ inch, Magnetically shielded, 5Ω
  • Tweeter unit:                             2½ inch, Magnetically shielded, 6Ω
  • Remote control:                       Wireless
  • Dimension (Unboxed):          14.80” x 15.35” x 9.45 (W x H x D)  13.5lbs (Net)