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Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Awarded iF Design Award 2014

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January 31, 2014 - Vancouver, B.C.

Offering the best in design and audio, Edifier® is proud to announce that it has been awarded with the 2014  iF Design Award for the e25 Luna Eclipse 2.0 Bluetooth speaker system. For over six decades, the iF Design awards have recognized outstanding achievements in design and engineering. The highly acclaimed international reputation of the iF Design awards is, not least, due to the top-class level of the entries. Contestants for this award have been judged by a preeminent panel of 49 experts and renowned designers from all over the world to honor outstanding design and engineering. 

Edifier®, a global designer and manufacturer of award-winning audio systems, introduced its newest 2.0 Bluetooth speaker system - the Luna Eclipse in late 2013.  Boasting 74 watts of power, the Luna Eclipse is a must have for audio enthusiasts seeking exceptional audio quality in a visually striking package. 

Ideal for desktops and various home environments, the Luna Eclipse connects to any
Bluetooth® enabled device including smartphones, tablets and computers for wireless audio playback.  The Luna Eclipse can also connect to devices such as televisions, etc., using the 3.5mm auxiliary cable provided.  

A touch sensitive panel that controls volume, power and track changes is located on the side of Luna Eclipse’s active speaker.  When in Bluetooth mode, the user can use a swiping motion to change tracks or volume.  In addition, an included wireless remote controls volume and power.

To uphold Edifier’s focus on
audio clarity, the Luna Eclipse features the incorporation of Digital Sound Processing (DSP) and Dynamic Range Control (DRC) minimizing the distortion levels even at the highest volumes, producing clear, clean audio output.  Available in Black; Red or White.

Design that takes a stand - the iF design awards 2014 reward the daring

4.615 entries vied for the coveted iF design awards, which were awarded for the 61st time this year. The successful internationalization continued to gain ground in 2014: the jury of 49 experts evaluated designs from 55 countries in total, once again a considerable increase over the previous year. The iF design awards 2014 were awarded in the three competitions iF product design award 2014, iF communication design award 2014 and iF packaging design award 2014. 75 entries stood above the strong international competition and received an iF gold award for their extraordinary design achievement. The award ceremony will take place at the BMW Welt in Munich on 28 February 2014. 

Prof. Fritz Frenkler, jury chairman, was impressed by the consistent high quality of the entries, the passion for innovation and the courage of some manufacturers to pursue their own design approaches: “With products from categories that focused on computers, consumer electronics and mobile phones, the overall tendency goes toward simplifying and slimming down, which unfortunately also leads to uniformity. In doing so, it becomes more difficult to recognize differences in design. Whoever has the courage to step outside of the box gains advantages and is rewarded with visibility.” 


Edifier’s e25 Luna Eclipse Bluetooth is currently available for $199.99 USD at


For images or additional information, please contact Edifier Director of Marketing, Kathleen Monahan at
[email protected]  or 206-780-9623, or visit /

Edifier has transformed from a small company, formed in 1996 and focused on the domestic Chinese market, into a major international brand with operations expanding across five continents.

Today, Edifier operates a state of the art manufacturing facility in Dongguan, Shenzhen, China’s high tech corridor, creating over 8 million audio units distributed around the world every year. The in-house manufacturing at Edifier includes an expansive list of production including everything from product design to final assembly including R&D, tooling and injection molding, printed circuit board production (PCB), design and assembly, wood cabinet assembly, silkscreen printing, and speaker design and assembly.

Edifier uses environmentally sound practices. While consistently expanding their operations and presence, Edifier makes a conscious effort to keep a small environmental footprint. Prioritizing recycling and utilizing Earth friendly options for water and electricity in the manufacturing plant, Edifier also denies suppliers that lack environmentally friendly production.

Specializing in the design and manufacturing of the electronic industry’s premiere audio speakers, Edifier truly has a “Passion for Sound”.  Edifier supplies an impressive range of speaker models spanning from PC audio, to multimedia and in-home sound systems to personal portable use with superior acoustic technology.

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Edifier e25 Luna Eclipse Review from

February 3, 2014

Edifier Luna Eclipse

If Edifier is known for one thing, it’s the unique shapes it comes up with for speakers. Not content with dull boxes, the company has explored all sorts of different designs. Its Mac-friendly Luna Eclipse ($200) is no exception. This handsome set of desktop speakers is unlike anything we’ve seen from other companies in the past, a design that uses its curves to create what’s almost a floating effect. Updated February 3, 2014 with hands-on details.

Inside each of the two speakers, there’s a 19mm tweeter, a 3” full-range driver, and two 3” passive bass radiators. You can connect them to your computer using an aux cable or Bluetooth, but the included power cord is needed either way. In addition to touch-sensitive controls, a remote controls the volume. Very nice looking black, red, and white versions of the speaker are available.

We were generally but not entirely pleased with the results of our hands-on testing of Luna Eclipse. On a positive note, the speakers are Edifier’s nicest-looking designs yet, with distinctive shapes that aren’t quite as alien as some of its earlier designs—the red versions we received could as easily go on the desktop of a Ferrari designer as in a home office. We also liked how seamlessly the Bluetooth wireless streaming feature worked: after pairing, it was extremely easy to toggle between wireless and wired modes using a connected MacBook Pro, and the capacitive controls on the right speaker’s side worked well to control power and volume. Edifier’s remote control also works properly. Sonically, the system’s drivers are highly competitive and arguably outstanding for the price point, capable of producing a nice range of highs, mids, and lows, as well as operating at small room-filling volumes. Although it’s substantially made from plastic, Luna Eclipse compares sonically with desktop speakers such as Bowers & Wilkins’ MM-1 that sell for more than twice the price, in large part because the passive bass radiators provide additional, subwoofer-like low end.

The only small hitch is that the Bluetooth wireless mode doesn’t sound identical to the wired 3.5mm cabled mode. Luna Eclipse sounds best when it’s connected with a wire, losing a bit of treble sharpness, midrange clarity, and bass depth over Bluetooth. It’s not a profound difference, nor is it a huge surprise given the limitations of Bluetooth streaming, but we noticed it—particularly in the highs—immediately after switching from wired to Bluetooth mode. Thankfully, Edifier has kept streaming-related amplifier static levels down and pairing relatively quick, so if you don’t care about pristine audio fidelity, using Luna Eclipse in fully wireless mode is pretty painless. - Jeremy Horwitz 

Monday, September 16, 2013

Edifier Extreme Connect by UBER APPARATUS

September 14, 2013

Edifer MP260™ Extreme Connect Bluetooth Speaker

There’s an old saying… “Good things come in small packages”.  Well that old saying definitely applies to the new MP260™ Extreme Connect Bluetooth Speaker by Edifier.
I opened the package, turned it on (it comes fully charged), went to my iPhone’s Bluetooth settings, selected the Edifier and BAM… it was paired in about 2 seconds. I then opened Spotify, selected my favorite artist and immediately the music was playing.

This system is AWESOME!  I took the unit outside and cranked it up. WOW! Even outside, it was BOOMING! How do they get so much sound out of this little box?
This Bluetooth Speaker has two front facing full-range drivers and a rear facing passive bass radiator, this system packs a punch!  It’s fully portable, with a built-in rechargeable lithium-ion battery that lasts up to 10 hours. Additional connectivity includes MicroSD port, USB streaming and 3.5 Auxiliary.
It features rubber trim on the top and base panels which provide extra protection from bumps and scratches. You can connect any Bluetooth enabled device for wireless audio playback or speakerphone functions.  That’s right, it is also a speaker phone. I tested it out, and the built in mic provides clear sound for the person you are talking to. Although you probably will try to end the conversation quickly, so you can get back to your tunes.
Everyone @ UberApparatus was more than impressed. This is ABSOLUTELY some ÜBER APPARATUS!
Available in 5 colors @ $99

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The Edifier Spinnaker e30 Revisited Update Test Report & Review

The Edifier Spinnaker e30 Revisited Update Test Report & Review 

Since its introduction in the U.S. last September, the Edifier Spinnaker has proved to be a great success garnering many awards for its super style, performance, and sonics. During the time of production, improvements have been made to enhance reliability to the main crystal oscillator (TCXO) circuit and surrounding components. In addition, the remote control has undergone some enhancements improving overall feel and operation. Included in the packaging is a new 12 foot long cable to connect the left and right speakers together, thus widening the stereo image and making placement under big screen TV’s and monitors much easier. Whilst the transducers and specifications remain essentially the same, it was felt prudent to re-test and evaluate the product’s performance with the R&D Department’s analyzers. Also, the very latest sample with all upgrades would be re-evaluated by the listening team to confirm their first reactions from early last year with the original prototypes.

To recap, the Spinnaker is feature rich with Bluetooth pairing capability for Bluetooth enabled devices, utilizing A2DP and AVRCA profile support within a coverage distance of a 30 feet radius. An Optical input socket can be used for connectivity to multimedia systems, gaming consoles and media centers etc. as well as an Auxiliary 3.5mm input socket for versatile connectivity to external devices. A uniquely designed dome-shaped multifunctional wireless remote with an aluminum shell is also included. Incorporation of digital sound processing technology (DSP) with separate 6-channel digital crossovers are used for enhanced dynamic sound amplification, as well as a separate super-bass output port for connection to an external subwoofer. The system is a fully active and tri-amped product for enhanced power capabilities. Each speaker is fitted with a 4 inch woofer, a 2.75” poly cone midrange, and a 1” soft silk dome tweeter. Power is ample, with 25 watts RMS driving the woofer, 10 watts RMS driving the midrange, and 10 watts RMS driving the tweeter respectively.

Everyone was impressed with the new packaging of the product, and especially the credit card style instructions for the remote control. One can keep this in their wallet and refer to it from time to time, especially when adding additional components to the system. Fit and finish for the product was considered by everyone to be first rate. Setup was quick and easy with all the supplied cables, and the owner manual appears quite comprehensive. After a few days of running in the transducers, listening tests began with various sources of music, voice, video, movies, and video games.

The first connection method tried was Bluetooth, and the connection was fairly quick and secure with good range. The published area of coverage of 30 feet was easily met. However, as expected, the overall sound did lack the dynamics and inner detail of the auxiliary and optical inputs. Therefore, the two latter connections were used for the listening team’s evaluations.

With all source material equipment connected, listening tests revealed very positive results indeed. Using iPod, iPhone, MP3, and CD/DVD source material with high quality recordings, bass was reasonably well extended and quite tuneful, with a very smooth midrange and a crisp detailed high-end response. All members of listening team noted and felt that the stereo image width was precise, wide, and with fine depth, giving correct placement to instruments and vocals. 

The Spinnaker’s tonal character tended to favor classical music the most. Various test CDs revealed a warm, involving, and full sound as noted with “New Year’s in Vienna” (Decca Test CD). Fine, and inner detail, as well as resolution, were considered to be very good indeed in direct comparison to the original B&W Zeppelin system. Jazz and Light Orchestral performances were rendered with very clean sounding vocals as witnessed on Test CD Diana Krall's "Temptation". Drums, especially kick bass drums, had surprising punch using Brian Culbertson's "Live from the Inside" DVD. Electric bass and horns in particular, sounded quite convincing and entertaining. Rock and Heavy Metal, as well as heavy Rap selections, possessed excellent drive and timing, together with convincing dynamics. Movie soundtracks from DVDs such as the new Bond film “Skyfall” possessed a fine overall tonal balance, and performed an excellent rendition of the stereo image and ambience from the recording in direct comparison with competitor products available on hand.

With very careful room placement, levels of overall coloration and listening fatigue for the Edifier Spinnaker system during all musical and vocal tests remained pleasantly low, and indicate a solid construction with very good choice of enclosure materials and damping.

The following test data will illustrate how the LMS 4.6 and CLIOwin 7 measuring system analyzers assisted in obtaining information to assess the Edifier Spinnaker system’s performance.

Fig.1 Edifier Spinnaker e30 system frequency response taken on reference axis at 1 meter test distance. System adjusted to 85dB at 1Khz. 1/3rd Octave Smoothing applied in listening test room.

The above curve illustrates a very good system frequency response. Bass extension down to 56Hz at -6dB was measured in the test position. The midrange frequency sweep results illustrate a fine and very smooth response, with tracking +2dB/-2dB to 7kHz. The tweeter's response also appears to be quite smooth from 7kHz to 20kHz +/-2.5dB. Overall system response measured 62Hz - 20kHz +/- 3dB. These results confirm the listener’s comments of very good bass, a smooth and refined performing midband, and detailed crisp sounding high frequencies.
Fig2. Edifier Spinnaker e30 Waterfall Plot measured at 1 meter test distance on true center reference axis. Start frequency 400Hz. Stop frequency 20kHz.

The above Waterfall Plot indicates decaying resonances over a preset period of time (3.8ms). As expected with the use of a double walled polymer plastic material enclosure, the system appears more "lively" with decaying resonances. The most notable groups of frequencies are occurring at 400Hz - 1.5kHz, 5kHz, and 9kHz - 6kHz. Cessation of some of the activity occurs at a higher than average 3.0ms, but is still considered acceptable, especially considering the product’s price point and intended use.

In general, the Edifier Spinnaker (e30) system performed very well indeed during testing, with fine overall results for a wireless lifestyle loudspeaker system at this price point.
Fig3. Edifier Spinnaker e30 Color Waterfall Plot measured at 1 meter test distance on true center reference axis. Start frequency 400Hz. Stop frequency 20kHz.

The above chart illustrates the Edifier Spinnaker’s performance, using color Waterfall Plot graphic analysis. Red, green, and yellow colors indicate the most energy, whilst light blue, dark blue, and black indicate the least. Results are fairly good and linear, with no serious initial activity between 0-5dB leaking down into the -10dB-20dB region, except in the 400Hz - 650Hz, 800Hz, and 1.8kHz -2.2kHz group of frequencies.

Conclusion and summary

Since last year when the Edifier Spinnaker made its debut, it has received considerable praise from the press. The futuristic styling is quite unique and makes a bold statement of how a modern lifestyle speaker system should look, especially so since a rich burgundy color edition joins the all black version. In the all important areas of performance and sound, the product performs admirably with listeners leaving more than favourably impressed. Indeed, when one factors in the cost of $300 USD, the Spinnaker is without question good enough to stand toe to toe with the very best products available at this price level.

Peter Duminy,
Director of Advanced R&D 06-01-2013

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