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It's difficult to purchase audio products online, however, we are so confident that you will be impressed with the sound and quality of EDIFIER Speakers, we are offering our customers a 'no-risk' purchase!  If you are not completely satisfied with your EDIFIER speakers, you may return them for a full refund within 30 days of your purchase!  Hearing is believing...become an Edifier Believer today!                          (read our return policy)

Orders usually ship within one business day of receipt. 
Shipping time averages 3-7 days via UPS Ground. 

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  PRISMA E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Audio System (5 Colors)   Product Information

Known for it’s sleek design and exceptional audio quality,  Prisma™ by Edifier® has received a feature upgrade that turns this award-winning speaker system into a must-have accessory for the tech-savvy audio
enthusiast. Prisma™ features a built-in Bluetooth receiver that can sync with any Bluetooth enabled device to stream music wirelessly within a range of 30’ (10 meters). The Bluetooth feature removes the need for audio connecting cables, keeping surface and desktop clutter at a minimum. Prisma™ is also equipped with auxiliary inputs, located on the subwoofer as well as the remote. The remote control also features a headphone-out port enabling a personal audio experience. Master volume on the remote and a separate bass adjustment dial on the subwoofer control this powerful and stunning 48 watt speaker system.

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Price $129.99
PRISMA E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Audio System (5 Colors)
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  S550 ENCORE 5.1 Multimedia System   Product Information

The S550 Encore takes audio to the next level. This 5.1 speaker system features two, 10” super bass drivers
producing 120 Watts each, creating ground shaking audio. Combined with the 60 Watts from each of the 5 satellites,
the S550 encore produces an astonishing 540 Watts of audio output! The wired remote with display, allows full
control of input selection, volume, bass and treble adjustments, surround channel adjustment as well as a 6-level
volume boost. The 6-level volume boost function allows listeners to push the S550 encore beyond the maximum
volume. DRC and DSP are incorporated into the S550 Encore to keep distortion at a minimum. Super for home
theater application, gaming or simply for a plug and play audio option, the S550 Encore can be connected
to a variety of audio sources using the 5.1 or two stereo input options.

The S550 ENCORE™ features / specs:

♦  10inch super bass driver with twin bass reflex radiators
♦  2-way satellites with splash paint finish
♦  3½“ mid-range drivers and 25mm silk dome tweeters with
    professionally calibrated crossovers
♦  Class D amplifier with Digital Signal Processing (DSP) technology
♦  5.1 channel and 2 stereo input options
♦  6-level extra volume boost for powerful effects
♦  Wired controller with LCD w/ visual adjustments and settings
♦  Full-functional remote control for volume/treble/bass/light adjustment, mute,
    input selection and standby
♦  Built-in 600W high efficiency switching power supply, low standby power consumption
♦  All MDF wooden enclosures to minimize acoustic resonance

 ♦  Power output:
L/R/C/SL/SR: RMS 60W × 5 (DRC ON)  SW: RMS 120W × 2 (DRC ON)
 ♦  Total Power output: 540 Watts
 ♦  Signal to noise ratio:  ≥85dBA
 ♦  Input type:  5.1/CD/AUX
 ♦  Input sensitivity:  900mV±50mV
 ♦  Frequency response:  Satellite: 130Hz~20KHz (±5dB)  |   Subwoofer: 42Hz~140Hz (±5dB)
 ♦  Adjustment:  Wired controller, remote control
 ♦  Bass unit:  10 inch (260mm), dual 8ohm
 ♦  Mid-range unit:  3½ inch (92mm), 4ohm
 ♦  Treble unit:  Φ25mm silk dome, 6ohm
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Price $599.99

  S760D 5.1 Multimedia System   Product Information

The S760D is armed with Dolby Digital, Dolby Pro Logic II and DTS sound decoders to create the best  5.1 listening experience with a ground shaking output of 540W RMS. A massive 10 inch bass driver and 2 passive radiators produce an impressive 250W RMS while each of the 4 satellites and center speaker produce 60W RMS. With multiple input options, the S760D is an extremely versatile speaker system for home entertainment, gaming, large room settings, for both personal and professional use. A wired and wireless remote control provide easy trimming, tuning, volume and input adjustments.


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Price $799.99

  Sound To Go Plus™ MP250Plus Portable Audio System Battery Powered   Product Information

Sound To Go PLUS™ steps up it’s portability as an all-in-one micro speaker with a re-chargeable Lithium Battery (up to 10 hours of play) and enhanced sound!  The battery is charged via the included USB cable which also allows for audio streaming from any computer system. The auxiliary input enables the use of  multiple host devices such as ‘smartphones’ and iPads (any MP3 enabled device). Still encased in an elegant brushed aluminum chassis, the Sound To Go PLUS™ provides exceptional audio performance above and beyond any built in speaker solution. Control the volume using the buttons on the device or through
the host device. Sound To Go PLUS™ is a great solution for home.

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Price $49.99

  TICK TOCK™ Bluetooth (Available in 3 Colors)   Product Information
Waking up has never been made easier

The retro designed alarm clock features two 360° degree omni-directional tweeters allow for multi-directional rich sound that can be controlled with ease using the navigation, input selection and volume control buttons located on the top of the clock. Tick Tock™ Bluetooth also come with an auxiliary input jack and FM radio for other media applications.

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Price $79.99
TICK TOCK™ Bluetooth (Available in 3 Colors)
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