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  AURORA MP300 PLUS™ with case   Product Information
This 2.1 portable system with brushed aluminum sub-woofer is ideal for notebook presentations - as to great audio in the office and at home. Sound always remains crystal clear thanks to Edifier's revolutionary EIDC® (Edifier® Intelligent Distortion Control) circuitry. Convenient carry case included. More Info
Price $119.99
AURORA MP300 PLUS™ with case

  C2XD 2.1 Optical Multimedia Speaker System   Product Information

The C2X is a 2.1 multimedia audio system featuring an external amplifier as well as a modern design that is suitable for a wide range of applications and  environments.  C2X features RCA and auxiliary inputs that allow for connectivity to a wide range of audio devices and media consoles.  A wireless multi-functional remote is
included allowing for easy volume adjustment, track navigation, input selection as well as bass and treble adjustment.

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Price $149.99

  Carrying case for Aurora MP300 Plus™   Product Information
Carrying case for the Aurora MP300+™ portable 2.1 system. **Case only, Aurora not included**     More Info
Price $20.00
Carrying case for Aurora MP300 Plus™

  ON THE GO™ iF350™ Portable Docking Audio System with FM Radio and Rechargeable Battery   Product Information
Combining design, functionality and portability, the Edifier® On The Go™  iF350™ is the ideal musical companion for all occasions, whether at home , in the office or simply on-the-go!  (Dock is NOT compatible with the iPhone 5)
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Price $179.99

  PRISMA E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Audio System (5 Colors)   Product Information

Known for it’s sleek design and exceptional audio quality,  Prisma™ by Edifier® has received a feature upgrade that turns this award-winning speaker system into a must-have accessory for the tech-savvy audio
enthusiast. Prisma™ features a built-in Bluetooth receiver that can sync with any Bluetooth enabled device to stream music wirelessly within a range of 30’ (10 meters). The Bluetooth feature removes the need for audio connecting cables, keeping surface and desktop clutter at a minimum. Prisma™ is also equipped with auxiliary inputs, located on the subwoofer as well as the remote. The remote control also features a headphone-out port enabling a personal audio experience. Master volume on the remote and a separate bass adjustment dial on the subwoofer control this powerful and stunning 48 watt speaker system.

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Price $129.99
PRISMA E3350BT 2.1 Bluetooth Audio System (5 Colors)
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  PRISMA™ e3350™ 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System - IN 2 COLORS   Product Information
An exotic looking pyramid-shaped subwoofer with super stylish satellites make the Prisma™ e3350™ a fashion statement in any home. Sound is simply superb with the downward firing subwoofer driver and hi-tech crossovers for the anti-resonant material satellites. More Info
Price $129.99
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