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Stylish 2.1 speaker system for PC and laptop use
Unique 2.0/2.1 Tri-Amped Audio Speaker System
Remarkably designed docking system for iPhone / iPod with FM radio

USB portable micro speaker system Now with Rechargeable Battery and enhanced sound quality!

Fully portable MP3 player with rechargeable battery
Portable iPod / iPhone speaker system with built-in battery & FM radio
Complete home audio featuring Bluetooth; dock; SD/USB; digital clock & more
Audio docking for your iPod & iPhone, plus AUX input.  Enhanced sound!
The Popular 2.1 system updated with Bluetooth connectivity! (available in black/silver/white)
Bluetooth and FM radio speaker system with Alarm function
Alarm clock docking station with FM radio and Apple iPod and iPhone input
Alarm clock speaker system with SD/ USB/ AUX and FM Radio input