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Compuage Infocom, our new distribution partner - India

Posted on: Nov 09, 2011
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Mumbai, India - November 9th 2011

Edifier International Co. Ltd., prominent designer and manufacturer of high-end consumer audio electronics for both the consumer electronics and multimedia markets, have announced a partnership agreement with Compuage Infocom Ltd., one of India’s large Information Technology distributor.

Under the recent changes to Compuage Infocom Ltd., from Shaiba Infotech, the terms of agreement have been to solely collaborate with Compuage Infocom Ltd., to consolidate and increase sales and brand recognition for Edifier and key sales channels for both product ranges.

Edifier International specializes in the design and manufacturing of high-end audio electronics for both the consumer electronic and multimedia markets, providing a wide selection of products to suit each individuals taste and needs. Edifier International is renowned for its development and use of acoustic technology, superior manufacturing standards and uncompromised quality in design and production of audio speakers. Edifier International is committed to excellence in all audio markets in which it operates, which include PC audio, multimedia audio, docking audio, IT and Home audio. Edifier is committed to excel and extend the audio experience into further evolving both the global brand and product recognition, with a passion for sound.

Edifier continues to expand its operations and presence, moving towards the goal of becoming a world class, internationally recognized company specializing in quality audio solutions for the ever changing consumer electronics industry.

“We are thrilled to be working with Compuage Infocom Ltd., “Commented Anthony Wilkinson, Managing Director at Edifier International Co. Ltd. “The Company has an extensive operations system that includes highly developed retailers and resellers that range from large to small operations. I am confident that this alliance with Compuage Infocom Ltd., will not only help develop and strengthen the brand but will prove to assist both parties in achieving their respective corporate objectives.”

About Edifier International:

Edifier International is a global leader in the production of innovative speaker systems that are solely manufactured by Edifier Technologies Ltd. Edifier International is internationally recognized for the high quality sound, design, easy to use, affordable products. Edifier International has been awarded by several international design awards for a range of products for both engineering and design excellence.

About Compuage Infocom Ltd.

Compuage Infocom Incorporated in 1987, is one of India’s leading IT distribution companies, which is system orientated and process-driven. Compuage Infocom Ltd., has a nationwide presence and is renowned for its large brand presence and brand alliance with major international brands such as Samsung, Asus, Microsoft and Cisco. Compuage Infocom Ltd., strives to be a world-class Information Technology Distribution company with strong Indian values and beliefs. Compuage Infocom Ltd., collaborates with over 7,500 partners nationwide and focuses on understanding and delivering partner requirements by creating personalized service with strong emphasis on commitment and reliability.

For more information visit: www.copuageindia.com