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About Edifier




"Enhancing the audio sensory experience by means of adapting new audio technologies, new speaker materials, new components and software controls yet retaining "old school" design fundamentals with the objective to conceive loudspeakers for the future that create an illusion of reality, found only in our imaginations of today."

Peter Duminy, Director of Advanced Research & Engineering, Edifier® International Limited & Edifier® Enterprises Inc.





"Inspirational design derived from architecture, furniture, automobiles, home electronics - even nature itself - provide for ideas that transform themselves into unique sensory and emotional products with functional simplicity, coupled with technological excellence. It's a journey to provide an exceptional audio and visual experience with design elegance, innovation, features and measured risks, for whatever the application, to form a lasting end-user impression and experience."

Anthony Wilkinson, Managing Director, Edifier® International Limited









The Edifier® Brand Ideology

A passion for sound, a passion for design and a passion for quality, three concepts or ideas that make up who Edifier® is as a brand and what Edifier® promises to its customers and partners. It is the goal of Edifier® to be perceived within the consumer electronics/audio market as a company constantly striving for the highest level in terms of quality of sound, exceptional design and quality of products and processes. It is the expectation that all involved with Edifier®, whether internal or external partners, share the same passion as the Edifier® brand itself while continuing to uphold the promise made in terms of these passions to the end customer. In upholding the brand ideology at all levels it will aim to ensure a positive working environment within the company, amazing partnerships with external companies/partners and the unquestioned passion as a company by the end customer.




The Philosophy of Edifier®

The philosophy of Edifier® International revolves around an unrelenting pursuit of high quality audio, no matter the application. From a dream to an artist's sketch, to the form of a product complete with soul, substance with uncompromised design elegance. Edifier® International has a passion for audio excellence that is without question focused on just one ideal, to provide the end user with the very best audio experience possible, with unquestionable design and elegance.







The Edifier® Mission Statement

The mission for Edifier® originates from the unrelenting pursuit of high quality sound. It is the goal of Edifier® to provide the highest level of quality, not just limited to sound, but to be present in every aspect and level of doing business. Edifier® aims to become an internationally recognized leader, in providing premium audio solutions to suite any environment. Edifier® will remain true the foundations that have evolved the company, fostered its growth and molded its colleagues, by continuing to ensure that all involved with Edifier® have the ability to express and exhibit creativity, demonstrate and pursue growth personally and professionally, continue to shape and share the Edifier® passion, and remain consistently and heavily involved with the successful future of the Edifier® brand.




The Edifier® Brand Vision

The Edifier® International Vision, is to be recognized and synonymous with existing world-class, international audio companies that provide unique, inspirational and visually elegant yet highly functional audio solutions for home, CE and PC multimedia applications. This includes manufacturing products that make a lasting impression, exceeding expectations whatever their application, and further enhancing both brand integrity and brand confidence.