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About Edifier

Wendong Zhang
Founder and CEO, Edifier Technology Company Limited

Wendong had an early entrepreneurial vision of developing proprietary high-quality audio systems at affordable prices while providing the customer with an unparalleled listening experience truly reflecting the Edifier maxim “A Passion for Sound.

Xie Xiao Guang
Head of Design

Xie Xiao joined the group in 2004 and has since managed the core design team for all product categories focused on both the China and International markets.  His designs have won numerous accolades, including prestigious design awards worldwide such as the RedDot, CES Innovation & Design and the iF Design awards from Germany, USA and Japan.





Peter Duminy
Director of Advanced Research & Engineering, Edifier International Limited and Edifier Enterprises Inc.

Peter is responsible for all research and development including advanced research, design and engineering development of loud speakers, auto woofers and crossovers for home and multimedia use.  He also oversees the implementation of new loud speaker technology and the creation of prototypes.

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Phil Jones
Founder of Pure Sound

Pure Sound association and partnership with Edifier allowed for the integration of audiophile design technologies such as transducers, amplifiers and crossovers into the higher-end Edifier Home and IT Lifestyle products.  He is an industry stalwart for generations.


Philip Liu
Vice President & Managing Director -
Edifier North  America
Philip Liu, who   joined the company in 2002, has since built and developed Edifier's business in Canada, US, and Mexico with international business experiences. He holds a master   degree in Business Leadership from Trinity Western University in British Columbia, Canada. Prior to joining Edifier, Philip Liu had gained various experiences working in China and Canada.  


Anthony Wilkinson
Managing Director -
Edifier International Limited                                                                         

Anthony is a highly experienced senior executive with more than 25years’ experience in all areas of corporate business  development for rapid-growth global technology companies worldwide and in      the audio components industry, in particular.                                                                


Kirk Andreasen
Director of Sales and Marketing –
Edifier North America           

With more than 25 years of   experience in distribution and corporate sales, Kirk, co-founder / co-owner of ESI Distribution Ltd., became  Edifier’s North American partner in 2008.  Kirk and his team are breaking new ground for Edifier in the world’s most competitive CE market.                                                         


 Brien Culver 
Director of Operations -
Edifier North America